Physician Information

Lawrence Breast Specialists

Jennifer Hawasli, MD

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Lawrence Podiatry Center

Kerwin Dunham, DPM

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Lawrence General Surgery

Ralph Park, MD
Chad Tate, MD

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Sunflower Pediatrics Eye Care and Strabismus (SPECS)

N. Marie Koederitz, MD

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Lawrence Plastic Surgery

Scott Thomas Thellman, M.D.

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Pelvic Health Specialists

Cathy Dahl, DO

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Plastic Surgery Specialists of Lawrence

Scarlett Aldrich, MD
John Keller, MD

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Richard G. Wendt, MD
Douglass E. Stull, MD
Adam Goodyear, MD
Neal D. Lintecum, MD
Stephan L. Prô, MD
James C. Huston, MD

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Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates

Stephen L. Segebrecht, MD
Lee A. Reussner, MD
Leo Martinez, MD

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Thomas A Nique, MD.
Mallory G. Martinez, MD.
Shawn Jackson, MD.
Stephanie M. Schmidt, MD.
Michael D. Lange, MD.
 Tyler D. Goetz, MD.

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Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists

Michele Bennett, MD
Lynley Holman, MD
Logan Kracht, MD
Phillip Moreano, MD
Emily Riggs, MD
Leslie Underwood, MD

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The University of Kansas Health System - Orthopedics

Erik Henkelman, MD



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